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At a Glance

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program prepares graduates to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of computers and technology in the 21st century.  The program is delivered by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty in a modern facility with access to equipment and technology comparable with industry.  Graduates are in high demand and can receive job offers up to a year prior to graduation.



The Computer and Information Science Department is dedicated to offering a degree that provides the student with a strong technical foundation and the ability to use the latest tools and technology desired by our regional industry partners.  The department is constantly evaluating and modifying courses and concentrations within the degree to ensure its relevance with current computing technology trends and industry standards.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree Highlights


  • Strong Technical Core
  • Concentrations for In-Depth Study
  • Mathematics, Science, and Liberal Arts Foundation
  • Industry Internship Opportunities
  • Undergraduate Student Research
  • Competitive Programming Competitions


Technical Core

The degree provides in-depth instruction and extensive hands-on experiences in a strong technical core that consists of courses in software development and programming, operating systems, networking, database systems, web systems, and security.  The technical core provides a broad and deep understanding of foundational concepts and theory, in addition to the practical technical skills and abilities desired by employers. This ensures the student is knowledgeable and competent in all of the Information Technology areas regardless of their concentration.



In addition to the strong technical core, the BSIT Degree offers opportunities for more in-depth studies in existing technology fields of study, as well as emerging fields of study.  Concentrations are continuously evaluated and revised by the faculty.  Current concentrations include Programming, Networking, Database, Web Design, Game Design, and Security.


Mathematics, Science, and Liberal Arts Foundation

In addition to the Computer and Information Science courses with the BSIT, the degree provides a broad foundation of courses in mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities, and arts.


Industry Internship Opportunities

“Real World Experience” is invaluable to the information technology graduate.  Many of the BSIT students acquire this experience through formal summer paid internship programs provided by companies such as ArcBest Technologies and Wal-Mart Information Systems, as well as many other part-time paid internships provided by other area companies during the entire year.


Undergraduate Student Research

Many students also participate in research projects and activities sponsored by the faculty and present their research at the UAFS Undergraduate Research Symposium and other external professional conferences like the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Mid-South Conference.


Competitive Programming Teams

The Computer and Information Sciences Department sponsors programming teams that compete in annual competitions such as the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Mid-South Programming competition and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.




Program Learning Outcomes


  • Programming Skills: Students will implement the basic programming structures of sequence, selection, iteration, arrays, subroutines, and classes in applications for a variety of users.
  • Database Skills: Students will query a relational database to answer questions posed in a case study.
  • Web Design: Students will develop and implement interactive web pages for a variety of users.
  • Networking: Students will configure a computer network in a heterogeneous environment.



Salary and Outlook


The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which categorizes the jobs in the Computer and Information Technology area and provides a description of each group, needed level of entry level education, median salaries, and job growth forecast.  As of December 2015, employment in Computer and Information Technology Occupations is projected to grow 12% from 2014 to 2024.  The current median annual wage for this group was $79,390 in May 2014.  Some specific occupations within the group include:



Job Growth 2014-2024

Median Salary

Information Security Analyst

18% (Much Faster than Avg.)


Software Developers

17% (Much Faster than Avg.


Computer Network Architect

9% (Faster than Avg.)