STEM Advising

Good advising consists of much more than just course registration and planning.  Your advisor should be engaged in helping you select the appropriate major based on your strengths and interests, develop strategies for academic success, acquaint you with learning opportunities outside of the classroom and laboratory, and help you to become better prepared for your career field or graduate program.  You should view your advisor as a valued resource, as someone who can help you find your way through the often confusing world of academia.  Your advising sessions should be viewed as an opportunity to discuss your goals, dreams and desires with an experienced individual.


Your advisor wants to see you succeed. They want you to earn the kind of grades you hope for. They want you to graduate - on time - and to get a fantastic job.  So get to know your advisor.  We are here to help.


You should always be well prepared for each advising session.  Not sure who your advisor is?  You can find out through your My.UAFS with these instructions.  You will be required to meet with your advisor each semester, typically in March and October.  Read through our Advising Syllabus and take note of what is expected of you.  Make a long term plan which lays out the courses you will take through to graduation.


Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact the Dean's Office, College of STEM:


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